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What are his qualifications? Almost every NFL job he's ever gotten is due to knowing the right people.

Don't ignore the facts children.

DEAL in them.
Haley has worked in a scouting department, he's been a WR coach for a few teams, he's been an offensive coordinator and a head coach in the NFL. Evidently, more football people than the Steelers believe he can get the job done. He may have received his start because of his father just like many other people that get jobs in their chosen field. I'm not sure who he knew at the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys or Arizona Cardinals and he managed to interview well enough to get hired by those teams. He's qualified to do the job IMO, what he probably doesn't do which irks you to no end is give Ben the ball and tell him to throw it 50 times a game from a 3WR, 1TE, 1RB set.