I know Tyler would be a long shot to be considered by the Steelers especially with other positions they want to replace and improve on but I sure would like him as a Steeler.
On the offensive side of the ball most of the discussions are at the WR and RB positions which is understandable as we'll need to add those positions obviously, but I can't get passed his playmaking capabilities.
The thought of him and Heath Miller in the lineup would present matchup problems for opposing defenses much like NE has with Gronk and Hernandez. He's a terrific pass catcher, and can get up there with the high throws something that would be a benefit to Ben especially in the red zone offense.

With the Steelers picking at 17 there should be some real good players available at other positions, but IMO Eifert is a playmaker who could help our offense right away not just down the road.
Even with the loss of Wallace I consider both Brown and Sanders to be good WR's then we have Cotchery and Plax so I don't see an immediate need at WR unless we would lose Sanders. We only have one good TE in Heath, the rest are average and to improve our offense we don't need average we need playmakers like Eifert to round out our offense.

We got lucky last year when DeCastro fell to us, considered to be the best guard in that draft, maybe a OLB,CB, or Safety could this year for us, but if either one isn't the best at his position I want Tyler, we can fill those postions after round one.
I know... I'm beating a dead horse, the Steelers won't draft TE in round one but I still would love to see Eifert and Miller in this offense with LB'ers and Safety's trying to cover them both when Eifert is ten feet off the ground snagging passes.