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So many are ok with waiting on Lattimore...So here is your question. Knowing the Steelers situation...Do you really think the Steelers will use 2 out of their first 4 picks on RB??? So the 4th rounder on Lattimore isn't the solution for 2013...Where is that solution if they don't sign a Bradshaw?

Lattimore is a "Luxury" pick for a team that can wait. He may be a high risk / high reward player. Steelers...At this time...Don't have any "luxuries" heading into this draft.

If the Steelers want to sign Bradshaw and take Lattimore from the 5th on back...I'm ok with that. The percentage of draft choices that make an NFL team in rounds 5-7 makes "the reward" worth the risk. Anywhere inside the top 4 rounds is way to risky. Can't use hindsight on this one with his injuries. If this story has a happy ending, the word "Lucky" will be used when referring to where he was drafted...Not the word "Brilliant."
Who is advocating taking 2 running backs out of our first 4 picks?