We could use help in various positions through the draft, but what part of the team do you think is important and must be addressed for a successful 2013 season?

1. Protection up front for Ben is critical in my mind, we can't afford for him to miss games like in the past and expect to be a playoff contender. As it stands now the LT position is in question, Starks isn't here and the projected starter for now is Gilbert. Implementing a zone blocking scheme may help Gilbert in the transition and the rest of the line but it's up in the air until we see them actually play.

2. Pressuring the QB. Our front seven must improve in their production as we seen that unit struggle getting sacks and even making the QB hurry his throws. Having them play well should help in creating turnovers not only up front but for our secondary which may be the stronger part of our defense now. I believe a healthyWoodley will make a difference and not that concerned about Worlids or our LB corps as a whole. My concern is our D-line, outside of Keisel we need better and consistent play up front or this defense will continue to struggle getting pressure and could have issue stopping the run.

3. Our Run game:

In the past when you had a runner reach a thousand yards that was a big deal, now days we see teams with backs gainging much more. Our top performer was Dwyer with a little over 600 yrds. He sure isn't Adrian Peterson who gets that much in four games but we don't expect him to be AD. What we need is a feature back who can carry the load but moreso be consistent especially when we need to convert third downs and moving the chains. A strong run game takes some of the pressure off Ben so he doesn't have to rely just on the pass to move the chains.

Please feel free to add your concerns or suggestions.