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Thread: article on best drafting teams in NFL

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    article on best drafting teams in NFL

    [URL] m_campaign=nfl#/articles/1579957-who-is-the-best-drafting-team-in-the-nfl[/URL]
    4. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Two Super Bowls are what ultimately bumped the Pittsburgh Steelers up to being the No. 4 team in our rankings. Of course, it helps to have drafted players like [URL=""]Ben Roethlisberger[/URL], [URL=""]Troy Polamalu[/URL] and Maurkice Pouncey.
    The Steelers have only drafted nine Pro Bowl players, including two between rounds five and seven. However, even more surprising is that Pittsburgh has only drafted four All-Pro players. Only 16 teams had fewer All-Pro players than the Steelers, despite Pittsburgh having above-average success in recent years.
    What makes the Steelers such a quality team in the draft is that they have great success at finding starting-level talent. They've drafted 25 starters in the league, with 19 of those starters coming in the earlier rounds. Those 19 starters drafted between rounds one and four are tied for the second-most of in the NFL.
    Simply put, Pittsburgh knows how to find players who can come in pretty quickly and provide solid production. It's a huge reason why they've been such a consistent team over the past decade.

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    Not bad, I guess.
    R1- T.J. Watt, OLB; Wisconsin
    R2- JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR; USC
    R3- Cameron Sutton, CB; Tennessee
    R3- James Conner, RB; Pittsburgh

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    Simply put, Pittsburgh knows how to find players who can come in pretty quickly and provide solid production.
    ???Has this writer paid any attention to our defense? How often do we draft a defensive player who "comes in pretty quickly and provides solid production"? Usually it's a couple of years, at least.
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    yeah...and the core of the SB teams was drafted before that '10 years' he mentions or in the first year or two of it....or in other words....when Cowher/Colbert were doing the drafting.


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