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If Worilds was ready to start, why did the Steelers make Harrison an offer ? Have the Steelers given any interviews to FA linebackers this season ? I don't see the Steelers that comfortable with Worilds a this time. As I said before, I'm a bit torn with Harrison not comeing back but, be it Worilds or whomever that takes his spot, I'd like to know as soon as possible if the guy can handle the job.
They made Harrison an offer because he had two years and signing bonus dollars in his pocket and the fact that they have no depth. Harrison still has value if you cut down on his snaps. With his release, the Steelers are an injury away from having Carter or Robinson or a rookie start. Not where they want to be. They wanted Butler to compete and add depth hence the 3 mil reported range. You would have seen decreased snaps for Harrison & increase snaps for Worilds if Harrison was retained. I think the Steelers are fine with the thought of Worilds getting his shot to prove he is capable. I think the Steelers are uncomfortable with the lack of depth and competition behind Worilds & Woodley. Woodley isn't exactly standing on thick ice after that 2012 season. They need someone to call on during the season if he doesn't respond. Putting all your hope on the current guys on the roster and 1 or 2 rookies isn't exactly smart football. I understand the process & urgency they are going through. It just leaves alot of questions until everything unfolds after the draft.