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If Worilds could have performed at the same level as James Harrison in 2012 wouldn't he have been on the field and James on the bench? Wouldn't the Steelers have known then, they were going to release Harrison? Instead, the Steelers made an offer to Harrison at a reduced price hoping to keep him, for what? To be a backup at 70% of his salary? For leadership at 70% of his salary? No, they wanted him back at a reduced rate because he's the best OLB they have and they were hoping the incentives to earn his entire salary would get him to sign. He's still the best OLB they would have, unfortunately, he isn't a member of the team at this point.

I agree with Pap. The Steelers are singing the "It's Woirlds Time" song now but they clearly were trying to get James H back on the team. And it wasn't to be a mentor or pine-rider. During the season and at the start of the off season they clearly thought he was their best option. Now they're saying what they have to say and praying it works out that way. He's ready b/c there is no other choice.