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When I put this together, I was struggling with what the Steelers typically do vs Colbert/Tomlin feeling pressure to hit some home runs and take some risks. Given that we drafted guys like Adams and Rainey and already started bucking the trend last year, I though we might end up taking a couple more risks than normal.

I forced myself to throw in a punter in one of the late picks (aka not the 4th round) because our punter is my biggest pet peeve for some reason. Nearly nothing in life gets on my nerves besides Butler. It's quite odd.

7th rounds are hard picks for me. Seems like anyone I like is always projected to go higher. But I could see Jake being a pretty good player - not great. Another Beachum or Paulson type 7th round pick.

And I bet 90%+ of the draft nuts on here will be feverishly checking in like me until well after the 7th round ends. I find it hard to keep up with the 7th because I usually have little idea who many of the players are by then. Maybe 50% on a good year? So I try to read up on all the picks as they go by and by the time I'm done reading 2-3 picks have flown by and I'm behind on the round. I'd actually be for having 15 minute picks in the 7th round
fortunately, i would hope teh scouts have looked up these guys and dont need 15 minutes - lol

still, nice work... love picks 3-5