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I am a big fan of Da'Rick..I like that pick. He brings nastiness on the table which Steelers WRs group lack. Brown and Sanders are too soft and afraid to get hit..

Not a fan of Mingo though. I am not sure he can play immediately. Also an OLB in Rd 1 would mean Jason Worilds is a bust..One just cannot draft backups in Rd 2. One would expect them to start in 2-3 years. Now is the time for Jason Worlids to take on James Harrison position. Draft an OLB in mid-round/late round as a backup.
I like your draft. I almost went with Trufant in Round 1. But I really like Amerson's potential long term and can't believe I've heard people saying he's a 3rd rounder. 2 years ago, I think he had 12 INTs. He had a bad run at the beginning of this past season and everyone wrote him off. If we wrote off any CB after a bad game, there'd be no CBs left in the league.

I didn't really think of an OLB in round 1 as a dig at Worilds. I just think he and Woodley fit the same position and neither is a ROLB. You do need a pass rush on 3rd downs and being able to rotate in Mingo and even Gholston could help us on the most critical down in football. The Giants SuperBowl a few years back showed the value of rotating pass rushers. Guys just can't rush all the time without wearing down. But you can keep the pressure going if you rotate.

I see Mingo as a situational pass rusher for a couple years in a best case scenario. I'm not 100% sold on him either.