1. Barkevious Mingo - OLB - 6'4" - 241lbs - Lots of folks seem to think that Jones will fall into our laps, but his production looks just too good for me to think that's possible. I know Colbert will never admit we need anything, but we pretty much need a pass rush and Mingo's athleticism jumps off the chart. Not sure this is a pick that Cowher/Colbert would have made, but I just have a feeling Mingo is the type of kid Tomlin would fall in love with his potential a la Timmons.

2. Da'Rick Rodgers - WR - 6'3" - 220lbs - I'm mixed on this pick. Kid's got some serious talent, but he's got off field issues too. I think the Steelers are in a bit of desperation mode and will take more chances than usual. I'm actually thinking we see Colbert/Tomlin swinging for the fences on quite a few picks this year - going for guys with huge upside or the possibility to fail miserably.

3. David Amerson - CB - NC State - 6'1 - 205lbs - He fits the mold of a prototypical Steelers DB except for 1 thing, the kid can play the ball. He had a down year. But had he played like he did the previos year, he'd probably be a first round pick. We do need a long term solution once Ike's gone. But more importantly, we need a DB that can create turnovers. This kid plays the ball so well, I think he could even play FS and become one of the biggest ball hawks in the game.

4. Shmarko Thomas - SS - Syracuse - 5'9 - 215lbs - Small safety that I think slips because of his size, but he's productive. He's got experience playing S, LB, CB in college and I have a feeling the Steelers coaches would like that versatility. I really think his size is the only thing holding him back from being ranked much higher.

5. Marcus Lattimore - RB - 5'11" - 221lbs - If he's available in the 5th round like many are saying, you have to take a flyer on him, right? I don't really like any of the top backs in this draft. He might be one of the few that have real potential. Not sure he'll even be ready year 1, but he's got so much talent.

6. William Gholston - DE - Mich St - 6'6" - 280lbs - Big Powerful kid that I'd take a chance on to see if we can turn him into a long term 3-4 DE.

6. Brad Wing - P - LSU - We can finally get Chadman an Aussie. Plus we might benefit from a good P more than any other position. So what that he's failed a drug test. We need a punter.

7. Jake Stoneburner - TE - Ohio St - 6'4" - 250lbs - Seems like he could fit the mold of a versatile H Back that can line up all over the place and create matchup problems. He's definitely the type of TE Arians would have wanted, so I'm gonna assume he influenced Colbert into looking for this type of guy.