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Thread: Any Surprise position you see us taking @ 17

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblinjim View Post
    I'd be shocked if we picked Eifert but not dismayed, I think he and Heath in Haley scheme could do some serious damage over the course of the next 3-4 years....
    I'd be shocked if they did a 1st round Defensive End or a first round running back.
    Agreed, not only that he could help our offense while Heath is mending. All the talk about drafting defense in round one is questionable, now if someone has a defensive player who can start let me know cause I just see special teams players riding the bench until they can grasp the job in this defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    And would that be because of the player or the position?
    Mostly the player, but a bit because of the position. Hankins doesn't seem to have the numbers to match his athleticism, and that worries me a bit. Also, I think that Hampton, despite being a starter, only played about 50% of the defensive snaps. If you are going to invest a first rounder in a NT, I want a really special player, and I'm not sure Hankins is that guy.

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    Imagine the chaos that would ensue if we select DE Bjoern Werner. Kid was showing in mock drafts as the possible top overall pick a month or so ago, then ran a slow 40 in his undies and didn't jump far or high enough, and now shows up in the bottom 3rd of the draft.

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    I would like to see Jon Cooper, fall to us at 17. If Adams can plat RT, the line could be scary good

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    If Star Lotulelei drops, I think we have to consider taking him. He could be our Haloti Ngata... Bulk to hold the nose, athleticism to stay on the field on 3rd down in pass rush situations. Situation is a lot like Jarvis Jones' in that if his health checks out, he may not drop, but if the opportunity to add a player of that caliber came up, I don't think you can pass.

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    His health checked out...


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