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Another guy who had a good 40 time was Stephen Conley, a third round bust. Bruce Davis, another third round bust, ran a 4.78. His vertical and bench were also close to Jones.

I don't think Jones is Bruce Davis, but figured I would throw the numbers out there.
Did not even remember Conley. Had to look that up. 96 draft. Should have put Davis on the list. that for the info Phillyesq.

Thanks Chadman thats the insite and kiperish post I was looking for.

Side not here. While looking up Conley guys on here are right that Drafting has been real ruff.
04 class only Ben left if Starks does not comeback.
05 only Miller.
07 would have been 1 Woodley. But Gay and Spaeth are back
09 Hood and Johnson (if he even makes it out of camp)
10 5 are here still
11 6 of still here
12 6 make the cut so far.

Wow seems bad. But maybe not that different in years past. Plus there are still some UDFA from the last few years.