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Thread: Steelers Looking At FA's is a Farce

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    Let me clarify what what I wanted to convey. I don't have an issue with signing FA's that can help our team like we did signing Spaeth. While he may not be Heath Miller's replacement he's good enough to hold the fort down until we get Heath back. Actually he's an upgrade over Paulson and Johnson so that was a good signing.

    Looking at FA's you know you can't sign again is a waste of time and resources that could be better served by planning a strategy to improve the team. We are limited in who we can sign because of the Cap issue, so it makes no sense to me looking at high profile players who will demand more than the Steelers can pay.

    From what I understand we are about 3 mill under the cap right now and need even more to be able to sign draft picks.

    Hope this will clear things up on this matter, no intentions to

    Btw, Fezziwig, is that a Studebaker silver hawk in your sig?
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    The $5.5 million from Colon is going to the draft class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggy00 View Post
    The $5.5 million from Colon is going to the draft class.
    That's good, forgot about that. One big chip off the old Cap Huh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    Originally Posted by lloydroid[URL=""][/URL]For those who think the front office is so much super smarter than all the fans, they are not. They arrogantly act like they are, but look what they have done in the last five years: jack sh-t. What a joke.

    That's the 2nd time this week Lloyddroid has gotten OWNED!!

    Dude, you live in Western NY. You shouldn't be saying anything about anyone being owned. South of Rochester? What a horrid area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerOfDeVille View Post
    haven't they been to 2 super bowls in the last 5 years?
    Yea, and they have drafted and added free agents like sh-t which means the immediate future is now bleak. Those super bowls were attained by what they did 7-10 years ago, not what they have done in the last five. Do you homework and actually look at what they have done personnel wise the last 5 years. It is an embarrassment.

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    Wait.. The FO is doing this to appease the fans? You guys dont sound appeased at all.

    Steeler fans arent fooled by these reports... lol.

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    Wonder how things would have gone in 2005 for instance, if TS played without ===
    Quincy Morgan WR-- outstanding return man
    Cedric Wilson WR-- made more than a few big plays
    Jeff Hartings C --needs no comment
    James Farrior LILB-- needs no comment
    Kemo von Oelhoffen LDE-- full time starter and a good one
    Clint Kreiwaldt ROLB -- hard to find a better backup anywhere
    Chris Gardocki P-- one of the best TS had in a long time
    Barrett Brooks OL --non factor
    Tyrone Carter -- much more valuable backup than many realize
    Duce Staley -- RB got hurt in 2004 game 6--- prior to injury TS running game was challenging to be the best in their history
    Sean Morey ST/WR -- alleged star and leader of ST's

    Then there were a number of others either UDFA or picked up some other way.

    James Harrison, Willie Parker, Dan Kreider and of course Jerome Bettis who was finishing his great career in 05.

    Sure the draft is the backbone of every team. But, TS have not exactly been invisible in the FA game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    At OT you still have Vollmer, Andre Smith, Albert now, Max, and McKinnie still out there.

    Pass rushers are Dumervil, Freeney, Harrison, Abraham, Umienyora.

    Even corners, we lost Lewis but there are still Grimes, Winfield, Nnamdi, and even guys like Huff and Jenkins.

    Running backs remaining are Bradshaw, Turner, Stephens-Howling, Felix Jones.

    We won't sign them all, and there are not any stars remaining, but maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there who can be had at a reasonable price.

    There is still some decent talent out there and
    From a recent Pat Kirwan article

    The numbers game: When you consider the flood of players on the street, it will soon be a buyers' market. The big-dollar headline deals we are seeing will quickly come to an end and the 400-plus players still waiting for a deal will cave.

    As of Wednesday afternoon, there were 455 veteran football players looking for work and that doesn't include the restricted free agents. Considering all the signings to date just fewer than 90 players received a contract or tag.

    In April, 256 rookies will be drafted and most of them will make teams, which puts the 400 veterans in a bigger bind. If teams are willing to wait a week or two they can start grabbing good players at half price. For example, there are 52 wide receivers and 48 corners looking for a contract.


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