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Thread: Steelers Looking At FA's is a Farce

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    Let me clarify what what I wanted to convey. I don't have an issue with signing FA's that can help our team like we did signing Spaeth. While he may not be Heath Miller's replacement he's good enough to hold the fort down until we get Heath back. Actually he's an upgrade over Paulson and Johnson so that was a good signing.

    Looking at FA's you know you can't sign again is a waste of time and resources that could be better served by planning a strategy to improve the team. We are limited in who we can sign because of the Cap issue, so it makes no sense to me looking at high profile players who will demand more than the Steelers can pay.

    From what I understand we are about 3 mill under the cap right now and need even more to be able to sign draft picks.

    Hope this will clear things up on this matter, no intentions to

    Btw, Fezziwig, is that a Studebaker silver hawk in your sig?
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