One of these years, I'm not going to get excited about FA. I've tempered my expectations being a Steelers fan. But I at least hope for another James Farrior or Ryan Clark each year. But even those types of signings are few and far between.

Instead we just get a Gay and a Spaeth. Beyond boring. And losing a bunch of our own guys is the icing on the cake. Losing Smitty, Ward, and Farrior felt bad, but at least they're old guys. Now we can't even keep our youngsters.

At least the draft is coming up soon. But again, I'm scaling back my expectations. Colbert + Tomlin aren't exactly draft day superstars. Maybe Haley can help them out? And when DL retires we should probably bring in a guy to replace him that has some experience drafting. I still like Mangini as a DC. He brought in some talent to both Cleveland and the Jets. And he's got experience shutting down the Pats offense which is what everyone's trying to be nowadays.

Oh well. Perhaps we can get some divine intervention and fast.