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It was a big play. But James is an OLB. Their job is to rush the quarterback. LB's like Timmons, who can play the run, and cover within 10 yards of the LOS in the middle and the flats are the future of this league. I think OLB rushers like James and Woodley are going to become afterthoughts because of the rules Goodell wants. Teams are going to ditch the 3-4 scheme and go back to the 4-3. You can add more players in the secondary to cover the spread offenses with multiple receiver sets and try to get pressure from the DL.

Tomlin IMO will install his Tampa Two scheme the minute LeBeau is out the door.

You guys need to understand that Goodell is changing the game. Things that occurred in 2008 will feel like it was 30 years ago by the time he's done.
In every other thread, you talk about how the long ball is key to the passing game. If that is the case, then there is absolutely a spot for pass rushers.

If you don't think that pass rushers make plays or are considered play makers, I don't even know what to say. Harrison has taken over games pretty much on his own. A sack fumble from the defense is a huge play, and pressure leads to a better chance of turnovers.

The Steelers do need more skill players on offense, but they also need to improve their pass rush.