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    This is a test. Sorry guys. I can't edit my Official Visit thread. I am testing to see if I can edit a new post. If i can I will re-created the post and have the other replaced.

    Edit: Okay I can edit this one. Everytime I try to edit the Official Visit thread it deletes everything in the body of the message. So I have to make sure I copy everything before i edit it. Then after I edit it I get kicked off the site completely. I get a page cannot be displayed error. I couldn't get on from my house for a week. I will redo the Official visit thread tomorrow and we can hopefully get the new one stickied and the old one removed. Then hopefully I can update the visit thread.
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    Draft 2.0

    1. Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
    2. Jason Verrett, CB, TCU
    3. Kareem Martin, DE, UNC
    4. Donte Moncrief, WR, Mississippi
    5a. Shaquille Richardson, CB, Arizona
    5b. Seantrel Henderson, OT, Miami
    6a. Kevin Pierre-Louis, OLB, Boston College
    6b. Glen Stanley, OLB, Albany St
    7. Beau Allen, NT, Wisconsin

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    I also have received that error...sometimes its hit or miss.

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    Me too. I got it when I was trying to post a full first round mock draft before the start of free agency. Then I couldn't access the site for almost a week, and during the week the start of free agency happened, so I had to scrap that mock and start over again. Maybe it has something to do with the size of the posts? I dunno.

    1 Landon Collins SS Alabama
    2 Byron Jones CB UConn
    3 David Johnson RB N Iowa
    4 Lyndon Trail OLB Norfolk St
    5 Nick Marshall CB Auburn
    6 Blake Bell TE Oklahoma
    7 Travis Raciti DE San Jose St

    Trade down w/ JAX:

    2 Maxx Williams TE Minnesota
    2 Nate Orchard OLB Utah
    3 Laken Tomlinson OG Duke
    3 Jaquiski Tartt SS Samford
    4 Ronald Darby CB Florida St
    5 Kurtis Drummond FS Michigan St
    6 Cam Thomas CB W Kentucky
    7 Malcolm Brown RB Texas

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    I should be the last one to make any suggestions on stuff like this, considering I have had numerous problems in the past.

    But about 6 weeks ago I tried the Google Chrome browser. Frankly, it seems to work fine.

    Whenever I would get an error message when submitting a post before Google, when I would go back to correct the error the page was blank. Once recently, using the Google Chrome I got the too many characters error message and was able to correct and resubmit the message. This never happened with IE or Mozilla Firefox the message was gone and the page back was blank.

    Google Chrome is now rated as the #1 browser. However, this did not happen a second time. When the error message was given recently the same thing happened. Went back. Blank page??

    The last time I had a problem submitting a message it did not result in losing contact with the site. But the time before it did. I do not remember which browser I was using when the problem occurred but after a couple days I was trying to find the site with Google and it suggested resetting the modem. This was for me going to be a last resort. I knew the site was not down. You can find this out. I tried deleting the cookies and history and cleared the cache. I was then going to try to reset the modem so I googled how to do it? It is a very easy thing to do I suppose so I figured okay, I'll give it a shot. But first I decided to access the site once more before resetting the modem. It loaded instantly. I have had no problems since. Hmm! Could it be just considering resetting the modem did the trick?

    However, last year with a dial up connection. The site could not be accessed for several days. Then it just started to load. I do not know why?

    RuthlessBurgher figures his problem was because the post was too long. This is probably the most common error. But, what is puzzling about this is, some of those messages do not seem to have any where near the allotted characters. But nonetheless whenever I now suspect a message might not submit, I try to save it so at least you can recopy it if necessary. Unfortunately, I don't think you can print the message but you can paint the screen and save it as a picture.

    But really, should all this be necessary? Why can't you simply go back to the message and make the necessary correction. That is ridiculous that it goes back to a blank reply box.

    Hmm! This is getting dangerously close to too long. Oh well, if so, See you in a couple days


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