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Thread: John Malecki to be backup Center?

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    John Malecki to be backup Center?

    With Legursky still unsigned I wonder if the Steelers are thinking about Malecki taking over as the backup to Pouncey. I haven't heard anything about Legursky or whether the Steelers intent is to sign him.
    I would think they could sign Legs on the cheap since no interest for his services is out there yet. I thought Legs was decent at center, paticularly when he replaced Pouncey in the Super Bowl against Green Bay, I thought he played well.

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    Would be amazed if Legursky isn't back next season.
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    I would hope that Legursky comes back. If not Malecki could back up G & C. He better be dedicated to the weight room & shed some fat. Decastro can snap too. He took snap at the Senior Bowl pratcices & his proday.
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    Legursky is an adequate backup center, but I shudder to think of him playing guard. My guess is that he will look for a starting opportunity elsewhere and return to Pittsburgh as a backup if he cannot find one.

    I remember watching Malecki in the preseason. From nosebleeds seats on the other end of the stadium, he stood out as a guy with good mobility on the offensive line. Then, watching the game closer, he stood out as a guy who really struggled when blocking in-line. I would not be particularly comfortable with him as the backup. I would prefer, if not Legursky, another veteran backup or a rookie who could backup the guard and center positions.

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    Legursky could start at C for many teams. It will come down to if he is willing to take back-up money to stay here. He is a back-up G in this league.

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    I wish good things for Legursky and would like for his hard work and desire to become a starter evolve for him with a NFL team. As you guys said, it would be great for him to be the backup center. Too bad he doesn't have what it takes to become a starting guard because he would surely get the Steeler contract. Tomlin loves the multi task type of players.
    I am surprised no team has offered him their staring centers job but, I'm not aware of what team isn't happy with their current center.

    How long did our Steelers suffer with Mayhan and Hartwig ? Now we have two quality centers, go figure. The way Pouncey goes down with injuries, maybe the Steelrs should offer Legursky a high end back up price. Stupid as this might sound but, in the name of this being a discussion board, Legursky can be the starting center and move Pouncey to guard.

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    I don't know if the Steelers would make that switch since they signed Foster to compete for the LG position along with Beachum.
    Legs still might be in the mix but I'm surprised the Steelers haven't offered him anything.

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    Maybe a rookie like Barrett Jones, Brian Schwenke, or David Quissenberry could be added to fill this role.

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    Start Lego at center and put Pouncey at OG. Ramon as the swingman for four spots.

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    Legs is a catch 22:
    Good Center, terrible guard.
    I think most teams really need a Good Center, average Guard or vice versa to justify the roster spot.
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