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Thread: Steelers interested in Tennessee QB Tyler Bray?

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    2013 NFL Draft: Tyler Bray says Steelers promised they would take him

    May 2nd, 2013 by Matt Shetler

    One of the most interesting aspects of the 2013 NFL draft was the fact that all of the quarterbacks not named E.J. Manuel went a lot later than anyone expected.

    Eventually the phone did ring for mostly all of the young signal callers, but that call never came for Tennesseeís Tyler Bray.

    Bray went undrafted and eventually signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, but according to his father, Bray expected to be drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and went as far to say that the Steelers told Bray they would draft him.

    The Steelers were linked to Bray more than a few times before the draft and it was reported that Steelers brass thought he was the most talented quarterback in the draft, but instead of targeting Bray late in the draft, they selected Oklahomaís Landry Jones in the fourth round despite having no communication with Jones during the draft process.

    Teams often make draft promises and that very well could be the case here as the Steelers were definitely in on Bray, but I have a hard time thinking they went as far to make a guarantee.

    Brayís father Jeff, is likely still upset that his son didnít get drafted, despite being possibly the most physically talented quarterback of the crop.

    But given Brayís immaturity off the field, itís doubtful the Steelers made that promise.

    Thereís a reason Bray didnít get drafted last weekend. What that is isnít exactly known at this time, but the Steelers werenít the only team to pass on him and I believe that speaks volumes.

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    Love that we took Landry over Bray.

    Bray is Jeff George II...huge talent and huge head case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Love that we took Landry over Bray.

    Bray is Jeff George II...huge talent and huge head case.
    Kiper isn's a GM...
    Mayock doesn't own a team...

    These kids need to get it together.. The day Romo resigned with a 55 million bonus should have been the day every QB who wasn't a senior made the announcement to stay in school.

    Palmer and Alex Smith getting gigs also should have been a sign.


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