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if I'm not mistaken, bray beat 1 team with a winning record while at UT. That's pathetic.

he was also under center when they lost to kentucky for the 1st time in 30 years. That's even worse.

I've heard a lot of stuff about this kid behind the scenes. I don't want him anywhere near the steelers roster.
That is your preference. I read the reports and watched the tape on him. If the Steelers do draft him I trust they have confidence in him.

Bray did beat some teams with winning records but none of the big boys of the SEC & It wasn't many. In 2012, TN lost to Florida, Georgia, Mississippi St, Alabama, South Carolina, Missouri, & Vanderbilt....All SEC teams. So 4 of those loses came against teams ranked in the Top 10 and 1 in the Top 25. Bray was 147/266 55% 1,745 15/11. Those aren't bad numbers against SEC powerhouses. What you are forgeting is that TN was dead last in scoring defense in the SEC giving up 35.7 points a game. That would be 107th national out of 124. They were 4th in scoring offense in the SEC at 36.2 points a game. That came in at 22nd out of 124. So before you put records on Bray understand the facts. Bray had his faults but he was on a bad defensive team with a poor coach.

In 2011, TN lost to a 5-7 Kentucky team @ Kentucky 10-7. The week before Kentucky lost to #19 Georgia @ Georgia 19-10. YEP...Don't draft him. That is all the reason right there.

You do know that good players come from bad teams. That must be a Shocker.