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And talking to EJ Manuel?

Connect the dots people:

Ben due for a new contract.

Yinzer backup signed for 3 years.

Now fishing around 2nd round QB on a team with 2 average RBs under contract, 1 receiver gone, another half way out the door, and Miller is hurt.

Not hard to figure out why.
Connect these dots. Ben gets hurt. A lot. QB is the most important position on the team. Having a young, homegrown backup gives you an option if your QB gets hurt. It also gives you a potential trade chip down the road.

The Steelers talked to Cousins last year and didn't draft a QB.

As for Ben's contract, it would be foolish to extend him this year. Flacco, a lesser QB, was just made the highest paid QB in the league. You don't do a lesser deal with Ben in the same year.