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Thread: Steelers interested in Tennessee QB Tyler Bray?

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    Steelers interested in Tennessee QB Tyler Bray?

    Steelers interested in QB Tyler Bray?

    MAR 20
    By Jamison Hensley |

    For the past two years, ever since Ben Roethlisberger turned 30, the Steelers have been questioned on when they would draft a quarterback to develop behind the two-time Super Bowl winner.

    Bray surprisingly left Tennessee with a year of eligibility remaining. ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper once said that Bray could've been a first-round pick if he had stayed in college another year. Now, Bray is projected to go in the third or fourth round.

    There's no question that Bray has an NFL arm. He can make all the throws, including the deep out. The ball flies out of the hand of the 6-foot-5 Bray. NFL Films' Greg Cosell believes Bray has the "best arm talent" in the draft.

    Bray also has the confidence to fit the ball in tight windows. Some have compared Bray's gunslinger mentality to Roethlisberger, but he doesn't have the same improvisational skills.

    There is some concern about Bray's maturity and work ethic. He had a couple of incidents last summer, including a reckless boating charge that was dismissed and a citation for vandalism for throwing beer cans on parked cars.

    Earlier Wednesday, I was asked on the chat whether the Steelers would take a quarterback in the draft. After the Steelers signed Bruce Gradkowski to a three-year deal this offseason, it looked like the Steelers wouldn't take a quarterback until the late rounds. But, if this report about Bray is any indication, the Steelers could take a quarterback earlier than many expect.


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    If he were in taken in the second round, I'm perfectly fine with that. It's time we get Roethlisberger's replacement now and start grooming.
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    I love this kids accuracy..

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    Below is my post in another topic.

    "They need top notch depth behind BB. It is about time. Bray is about 3 years away from starting. He might have the most arm strength of any QB in this draft but he has footwork & mechanic issues. He needs to read defenses better because he has alot of "Favre" gun slinger in him trying to squeeze things in with his arm. I watched Twitter close today at TN pro day. KC, Tomlin, & Haley were there with position coaches. They were all over Patterson, Hunter, & Bray. There is Tweets & pics all over Twitter. One could say they were grilling Bray about his WRs which would make sense. I would be excited if the Steelers got one of Patterson-Hunter & Bray."

    The Steelers could benefit from Bray leaving early. He would be best suited to sit behind a starter and learn. He has all the "tools" to be a starter but he will need heavy position coaching and practice reps. Having BB, Gradkowski, & Bray would really solidify the QB situation until it was time to make a decision on BB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    I love this kids accuracy..

    Perfect example. He set his feet three times. Ball should have come out on first step up in the pocket if you HAVE to step up which he didn't. Should have trusted his eyes & threw sooner to drive the ball moving forward after he planted his back foot. WR route was poor too but he could have thrown him open if he threw it sooner. His footwork may have been because the WR didn't break when he should have. Give him a pro QB coach...They will get the hitches out of his footwork & mechanics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rara View Post
    If he were in taken in the second round, I'm perfectly fine with that. It's time we get Roethlisberger's replacement now and start grooming.
    Change second to 4th or 5th.

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    Bray seems to be a typical WTF Steelers pick.

    Make him sit behind Big Ben for 4 years and once he starts playing they will find out that he throws beer bottles better than a football. So cut him. Another Colbert and Tomlin bust pick which puts team behind for another 3 years.
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    this guy is a major headcase.

    wouldn't touch him in any round.

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    What Haley wants, Haley will get.

    He's being given the keys to the offense. And if he plays his cards right? He'll be getting even MORE.

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    This kid is a loser. Mentally weak, total lack of leadership skills, and a complete knuckle-head off the field. Add bad mechanics and there you have it. He's a lot closer the second coming of Ryan Leaf than even a marginal NFL QB.


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