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I actually considered giving the Jets Cordarelle Patterson or Tavon Austin instead of Mingo.

As for Jarvis Jones, my only concern is his age (he'll turn 24 during his rookie season, and the Steelers typically prefer to draft 20 year olds with premium picks...the Steelers may actually prefer someone like Damontre Moore, who is 20 now and will turn 21 during his rookie year). In my mind, Jones laid the USC stenosis concerns to rest with his performance during his years at UGa, and the underwear Olympic numbers are substantially less important to me than his numbers on the actual football field, which have been dominant.
He dominated against slow footed tackles in the SEC. Take a look at his Florida and Missouri games this year. Now go take a look at his game against Texas A&M. He was stoned constantly in this game.

I would consider him in the 2nd round as a 3-4 ILB. I think he could dominate in that role.