1 Name the NFL (past or present) player you think has the most "guts"? Deebo

2 What is currently occupying your time? Just moved, and how to get my 22 year old son to separate his head from other places with the same amount of brains.

3 Ever have a near death experience? Three - stuck on a cliff with only 3" of ledge over rocks at the beach, meningitis, and allergic reaction to medication. These things suck.

4 Last movie you watched? How good 1-10? Monsters University. 7? I'm not a movie guy.

5 What is the biggest forum "bromance"? Crash and himself

6 Favorite stand up you've BEEN to? Joe Biden

7 You have to choose one chain restaurant for the rest of life life, which one? Robertos

8 Name the poster you "will" your net worth to if you die: AA. He's just a cool guy. I'm broke though. Sorry.

9 Name the 4 other PlanetSteeler posters in your 5 man road trip: FF, AA, StlrzD (miss that guy!), and one of about 10 others. Nice group of folks here, really.

10 Favorite Rooney Quote: "Rock - the team's not doing well. We need you." Art Rooney I was pretty sure he said something like "Get well soon" too.