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Thread: I DO see a possible bright season scenario

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Bell is a much better back than Monte Ball. A team will recognize this and he doesn't make it out of the third.
    I'm fine with spending our second on him to make sure

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    Wait a minute Crash, who was OC when we started running all the two tight end stuff?
    Whisenhunt in 2004.

    We didnt have to dump Arians to get no stinkin two tight ends in imitating NE.
    We imitated NE because we hired Haley after seeing Bill O'Brien yell at Tom Brady on the sidelines per the LA Times.

    Somehow 3 AFC titles and 2 rings in 8 seasons wasn't good enough. We had to send "messages" to our HOF quarterback.

    This is what happens when unqualified lawyers own football teams after hitting the sperm lottery and that makes them think they are able to make "football decisions".

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    Quote Originally Posted by thor75 View Post
    I'd pull the trigger in the third easy.
    I'll bet the Steelers would also...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggy00 View Post
    I'm saying for all of the alleged NE "greatness" with their 2 TE set, they haven't won anything with it and their alleged dreamy QB can't seem to produce in the playoffs anymore.

    Take it as you see fit.
    If you want to rip on Brady's play of late, where would you place Ben in comparison? He didn't even MAKE the play offs, never mind win in them. And the year before he got beat my Tim F'n Tebow. Pats lost last season to the eventual world champions, as they did the year before that. That is hardly proof of how bad they were. Ben needed one stinkin win to make the play off vs. Dallas and Cinci, and could beat neither. He had the ball with a chance to score the go ahead TD and FAILED in both games. He was FAIL in the Super Bowl in the same scenario vs. GB. He was FAIL vs. Denver. You rip Brady and yet Ben has been far less clutch for the past 3 seasons, BIG TIME.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggy00 View Post
    And guess what? Ben started slow against the Packers, and the 2 TE set was used.

    The 2 TE sets left the field, and they scored points and got back in the game.

    Have a chance to take the lead in the 4th? DJ returns, missed his block, Mendy fumbled (Matthews admitted he played run based on formation).


    If the Steelers had 3 wide base against the Packers? They win.

    The Steelers in 2012 led the NFL in last 2 minute points. When the backup TEs aren't on the field then either.

    We go 3 wides and nail Johnson, Johnson, Paulson, and Speath to the bench and have 1 TE on the field all year? 12-4.


    So Art and Haley have a choice to make: Wins or trying to recreate the past?
    If it were only that simple. It isn't even any where close to being that simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NW Steeler View Post
    Who are you and what the hell did you do with lloydroid?!
    I knew this take was coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    That's a lot of "ifs," but I certainly agree with the sentiment...hope this team turns it around and contends again in 2013.
    Well, this team ALWAYS does well in seasons where they are counted out. Seasons where they come in as likely contenders are the seasons that seem to go badly. For all the reasons I listed, it could end up being much better than most think. Of course, they could also take another step backwards before they go forward, but, we will just have to wait and see.

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    If we drafted Eifert or Ertz and Heath was able to come back from his injury, I'd have no problem with a 2 TE base...

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersteeler View Post
    For me the key to the Steelers having success depends on the O-line and Ben. It's about time we have some luck with that line staying healthy gaining continuity to be successful.
    In combination of the above adding a a good back and TE Eifert we could possibly see a difference as some feel our offense is weaker at this point. Probably the most important part of our offense is whether either Gilbert or Adams can man that LT position without any drop-off from starks at the minimum, anything above that would be icing on the cake.
    They need to start lifting some free weights and their performance and health would improve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Lotta ifs, but I like some of the optimism. I will say the one I'm most skeptical about is our OL. As long as Gilbert and Adams are our bookends, there will be problems with this OL. But, I can see them being a great run blocking OL. And that could allow Dwyer to have a big big season. With that said, if the Steelers draft Bell, all bets are off. I think this kid could be rookie of the year.
    I love Bell. And I think if they got Gilbert and Adams to hit free weights, we could have a whole other outcome. Is it just me, or did Gilbert look more muscular coming out of college? And then in the NFL, his arms got smaller and more fatty. They could be the outcome if he quick hitting the free weights.


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