Interviewing Bray doesn't reflect on how they feel about BB. Bray is a 2nd or 3rd round prospect. They need top notch depth behind BB. It is about time. Bray is about 3 years away from starting. He might have the most arm strength of any QB in this draft but he has footwork & mechanic issues. He needs to read defenses better because he has alot of "Favre" gun slinger in him trying to squeeze things in with his arm. I watched Twitter close today at TN pro day. KC, Tomlin, & Haley were there with position coaches. They were all over Patterson, Hunter, & Bray. There is Tweets & pics all over Twitter. One could say they were grilling Bray about his WRs which would make sense. I would be excited if the Steelers got one of Patterson-Hunter & Bray.