For those of you that have seen these over the years you know I'm terrible at these. I'm probably picking UDFA talent in round three and second round talent in the 6th. But I'm bored at work and thought I'd put something together.

Off we go:

Round 1 - Jarvis Jones OLB, Georgia. If he falls to us we have to take him right? I mean he's a top 5 talent, if he falls we'd be silly not to pick him. My guess is that he's gone and he throws off my draft entirely. My other pick: Kenny Vaccaro, good safety, we need one for depth this year and to start next. Wouldn't hesitate a second on Chance Warmack either.

Round 2 - Jonathan Cyprien, FS FIU. So this guy may not fall to here either. I'm seeing people talking about his as a 1st rounder now because of the measurables. My guess is that the level of competition takes him down just a tad. The other pick: Keenan Allen, big strong wide receiver.

Round 3 - Aaron Dobson, WR Marshall. Ben wants a big dude to throw the ball to, Dobson's a big dude with some speed. We are short a Wide Receiver and I think this guy meshes well with what we already have here.

Round 4 - Nico Johnson, LB Alabama. Big thumper to play the middle and learn from Foote and next to Timmons. It will be interesting to see how some of the Alabama kids do in the NFL as they will no longer be the "men among boys" like they were in the NCAA's this year.

Round 5 - Zac Dysert, QB Miami. Little Ben? Not sure about that but he coudl come in and hold the clip board for a couple of years and get some work in during blow outs and the pre-seasons.

Round 6 - Cierre Woon, RB Notre Dame. I'm not terribly thrilled with any running back in this draft except Lacy. I also thought Mendenhall was going to be an all-pro. Shows what I know. This guy looks like a good change of pace to the two bruisers we have now, played against good competition, etc.

Round 6a. - Marques Wilson, WR Washingtong State. Who the heck is this guy? He's a 6'3 dude with 4.4 speed is who he is. Measurables alone would put him higher except for the fact that he weighs like 190. Put up really good numbers at Wazzu and could be a fun sleeper for us. We've had some luck in the 6th over the years......

Rond 7 - Vernon Kearney, CB Lane. There is something about me picking stick figures here at the back end of my draft, he's 6'1 has 4.4 speed and weighs, get this 175 according to my information. Now if we are going to spend a draft pick on a project Corner I'd rather just hold on to DVD but for all I know the kids a basket case and not interested in putting in any work.