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Thread: Colon carrying BIG Chip after getting dumped By Steelers

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    Quote Originally Posted by mister pittsburgh View Post
    hahaha....a chip on your shoulder cause the steelers cut you. They paid you millions to come out with grandma flappy fat arms and a giant mud gut, not play anywhere near a full season any year of your contract, and you have a chip!!!!! The rooney's should of made you pay for the electric it took to run that whirlpool your fat butt sat in like the south side headquarters is seaworld and you're shamoo you blubbering out of shape walking injury.
    this /\ /\ /\ /\

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    I actually feel kinda bad for that post. Was done in a moment of rage!

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    No, it was what most of us were thinking. It wasn't like you started talking about how ugly he is too. I used to have a computer picture that many were sending of Willie after the 2004 Super Bowl Win with the caption of him screaming, " they did it despite me. " Or something to that affect.

    The **** er should be arrested for taking money under false pretenses.

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    This is a slap in the face of the Steelers (and their fans). This guy should show GRATITUDE for his time with the Steelers: He won a SB, was given an opportunity play, well enough where the team rewarded him with a lucrative contract... The guy subeequently gets complacent (i.e. overweight) and misses the better part of three seasons with three different injuries (likely a result of his complacency)... and now he has a chip on his shoulder AGAINST the Steelers?!?!?

    What a tool.

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    Maybe he means a chocolate chip?


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