....and you probably do, as a football fan you must check out "A Football Life: the 1995 Browns." I consider it a must see for any modern era football fan. And the fact that the Steelers are so intertwined with the Browns and the AFC North (formerly central) makes this a riot to soak in.

First of all, the program itself is outstanding; they usually only cover 1 person per episode, but this episode covers all of the 1995 Browns and how they departed, etc. But the more intriguing part of this show is the amazing staff that Belichick had. It's like the who's who of every major coach and GM out there today. Even The King of modern college football was on his staff, Nick Saban (You have to see what a spaz he was then, rocking in his chair like a lunatic). Most of all the now-famous coaches were working for BB for like $14k a year. Mangini was on that team. Jim Schwartz, Kirk Ferentz, Rick Venturi, Scott Pioli. They had 5 coaches living in one small apartment that was literally at the end of an airport runway. Most said there was no reason to have cable (or heat or AC) because they were never home any ways.

I had no idea that the 1995 Browns had so many future big name coaches and GMs. That is not only a testament to BB, but to his original mentor, Big Tuna. How many coaches came from his coaching tree? It is mind boggling that he was at the root of so many future coaches. Tuna is one of the best coaches ever in the history of the NFL.