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For the same reason that "Cowher's players" come into the discussion...
tomlin' early success came because of the studs that cowher drafted and developed. as those players got older and more injured, their production fell. the last few years the steeler have been on a downward spiral. tomlin has not been able to replace(draft) and/or develop hardly anybody to replace those aging studs. this team is becoming more and more 'tomlins players'. it is quite apparent that this team is not as talented as last year and the year before and the year before. the team lacks leadership. tomlin has shown he doesnt have the leadership, experience or discipline to take a less than loaded team and win. the organization needs to find players that can do those things that tomlin cant. tomlin will be given the opportunity to coach this team while the front office turns it around. he will be given that chance partly because he deserves it, partly because thats how the steelers operate and another part.

the tomlin lovers act as tho cowher was never criticized when 'his' teams had poor records or underperformed.