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I forgot about Cowhers little hissy fits he used to have. I'm not sure I was aware that Cowher did the don't talk to me attitiude. Maybe that's where Ben got it from lol ? Do we really know what goes on behind the scenes ? You might have some stupid janitor or security guard that chatters away to these guys day after day and then one day the coach or player doesn't respond as friendly as an individual would like and all of a sudden, they're a horrible person.

Despite what I think of Tomlins interviews, or what he lacks as a coach or how he shines as a coach, I'd feel more comfortable around him than I would Cowher. Tomlin seems more down to earth than Cowher. I dated a girl back in the day that was next door neighbors with Chuck Noll. She said he and his wife are vey nice, they also go to the same church and all that. I was actually surprised because I expected her to say Chuck kept to himself, didn't talk, didn't smile or jumped in an out of the car before any hello's or goodbye's.
Just goes to show as a fan/fans we really don't know these people to make character judgement. However, Warren Sapps, Ray Lewis, Bill Bellicheat are still horrible pricks.
I really don't think Ray or Bill are pricks. They might have been at one time, but I believe they are very decent men now.