I'm tired of Tomlins cocky talk and that's what it is, cocky. Chadman is right with, what is he supposed to say. Somewhere between confident and humble is how I believe he or any person that is in charge should act or project. Cowhers interviews wore thin with me too when he was on rag after losing or just being too big headed.`

Tomlin stats do not impress me. He was handed a Super Bowl team, a team that seen it all and all he had to do is not screw it up. I give Tomlin credit for winning a Super Bowl and making it to another. I can't say I believe Cowher could have accomplished the same if he remained.
I don't know if it's Tomlins fault, Colberts fault, or successes fault that we seem to not have good players waiting to take the field in favor of the previous stars.

Tomlin does not impress me with having his team physically or mentally ready. Too many mental mistakes it seems along with too many injuries. Guys can't be in condition with all the injuries our players get. I also don't believe Tomlin has a grasp on what players he feels can best fit the team. Again, this could all be on the past success of team and not able to get higher draft picks. With this being said the Steelers should have traded away our number one's and two picks when we got guys like Hood and Heyward. Should have been letting go of guys like Troy, Harrison, Hampton, Kiesel and any of the old gold and possibly got one or two free agents.
I also get the whole idea of, they won a Super Bowl for you before so myabe there's another one till left in them.

Let's see what 2013 looks like and 2014 for extra measure. I personally believe we will be lucky to make it to 8-8 in 2013. This brings me to another question. If we do strike out in 2013 and or 2014, will the Rooney's make changes ? If they do make changes where will it be ? Tomlin, Lebeau, Colbert ? Once Bens days are over, how big if any of a shake up could there be to the team and coaching staff ?