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I'll repeat with what I always say. The only people we are confusing with the "complexity" of our defense is ourseleves. It doesn't need to be so complex to the point we waste two years of a players career learning it. Rookies and second year defensive players make impacts across the league but not here. No reason for that.
Not sure where you came up with the idea that two years of players careers are wasted???? They get young defensive players on the field. Young players don't become full time starters until they are ready. There is a reason for that. The fact behind the Steelers reasoning is that they typically rank among the best defenses in the league doing things their way. How can you disagree with that fact?

Defensive Points vs rank (Since Lebeau returned)
2004 1st
2005 3rd
2006 11th
2007 2nd
2008 1st
2009 12th
2010 1st
2011 1st
2012 6th

And you believe it can get much better then that? Good luck.