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Thread: Jake Long

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    Jake Long

    I'm not sure what to make of this, but according to Schefter, the Steelers made an effort to get Jake Long.

    [URL=""]Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter[/URL]
    Just before OT Jake Long agreed to a four-year deal worth up to $36 million with Rams, Steelers made a play to try to get him to Pittsburgh.
    Most of the remaining guys on the tackle market appear to be RTs, so I'm not sure if the Steelers would make a play for one of these guys (with Adams/Gilbert to compete at LT) or if their interest was just in an elite LT like Long. Here is the list:


    If Schefter's report is true, then perhaps the Steelers reported interest in Dumervil is legit.

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    [QUOTE=phillyesq;554772]I'm not sure what to make of this, but according to Schefter, the Steelers made an effort to get Jake Long.

    This tells me the Steelers might consider drafting a LT, maybe not in rd 1 but at some point in the draft. As it is now we are thin at the tackle position.

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    Not sure why, but I thought the Steelers might be interested in Long. Can't have too many Tackles, especially one that is young, durable and protecting Ben's blind side. I don't think this is a slight on Adams or Gilbert, but they are losing Starks.

    BTW, Dumervil in the Black and Gold would be AWESOME! Not happening though.....

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    At the end of the day, what are the odds we bring back Max again?

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    Maybe he just wanted to join his brother on the Steelers? I don't buy there was serious interest. They may have entertained him just to create smoke for the draft. Schefter is spot on with his reporting but I don't think the Steelers interest was genuine.
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    I think that the Steelers may have more flexibility than some think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    At the end of the day, what are the odds we bring back Max again?

    I wouldn't bet against it especially since Max is still out there waithing for a team to call. If he doesn't get a contract anywhere else, the Steelers could once again bring him back for a 1yr contact on the cheap.

    Nine lives Max

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    Lovin the fact that Long went to St. Louis. Who's gonna protect Tannehills blind side? Is there a disgruntled WR in that teams future? Possible locker room cancer developing? I don't know. Have to wait and see. I just don't see the point in paying large money to a WR if you can't even keep your QB upright and healthy.

    As far as Max is concerned, I really hope he comes back for one more season. We need another body at that position. Not to mention carrying over some continuity on the offensive line from last season to this season. I would feel better about the offensive line with him at LT.

    Fingers crossed.

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    i thought they'd inquire on him - would have been an awesome pick up... i'm sure they thought his recent history (few injuries) may have lowered his value... but, with a 4 year, $36, it's not as low as they had hoped.. guessing they were hoping for more like $6 mil a year (5 year, $30 mil)
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    I believe Starks is on the Steelers radar post draft. If Starks gets no suitors the Steelers will bring him back on a vet min (if in shape) with no promise of starting. It will be a win-win for both sides. Very good back-up at both tackle spots if he doesn't win out at LT.


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