Does anyone see a clear plan in what the Steelers are doing?

1) They haven't gotten younger, releasing Harrison and not signing Starks are the only 30 somethings to be let go
2) They let 2 and now possibly a third player under the age of 27 leave via free agency
3) They're signing castoffs and long snappers and looking at running backs they can't afford

I can't quite picture a real plan in all of this mayhem. Nothing has happened that, as fans, we didn't expect, Harrison released, Mendenhall, Wallace and Starks not resigned. We were hoping that the Steelers might find a way to keep Lewis and in the end, it appears, that the Steelers weren't interested in retaining Lewis.

When it comes right down to it, wouldn't it have been better to:

Cut Taylor and go into the season with Allen and Lewis (younger)
Release or trade Polamalu (younger via the draft)
Release Keisel and put the LDE position into Heyward's hands (younger)
Release Clark (younger via the draft)
(Let me say, I don't know the financial ramifications of the above or if any of the above is possible, but to get younger this group needs to be dealt with in some fashion)

As it is right now, they aren't younger, but they are less capable of being competitive even by keeping the above players. There seems to be the lack of a coherent plan, unlike years past when there always seemed to be a method to their madness. This year it seems they aren't sure if they want to get younger or keep things together to make a run of some sort and in the process they're getting the worst of both ends, they're still old and not getting better.

Just my opinion right now.