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No, you don't draft the 'change of pace guy'. You draft a young eventual feature back caliber RB because Dwyer or Bradshaw or both can't carry the load and will be injured. Both Bradshaw and Dwyer can catch the ball on 3rd down, thats all you need. How much have you seen the Steelers use a 'chage of pace back'? They had that midget we let go to Detroit and Rainey and neither barely saw the field so it would be a wasted roster spot.
"Change of Pace Guy" doesn't de-classify him as an eventual feature back. The Steelers "Change of Pace Guy" would be a RB who could threaten the edge. "Change of Pace Guy" isn't a 3rd down back...Did you see me say that? If Bradshaw is signed, he & Dwyer do not threaten the edge. There is more to football strategy than what is played between the lines...It is also in the classroom. When you have two different style backs, it makes the DC game plan against both. When you have that "gimmick" guy...That is another that has to be planned for. If the Steelers come out in 21 or 22 personel and you show that gimmick guy in the slot that is alot to plan for. You won't fool anyone with lining up & running betwen the tackles with bangers. They won't be threatened on the edge...The DC will DARE you to try.

We haven't see the Steelers use a change of pace guy because we haven't had one. Since this is Haley's offense & he was brought here to run better...You go to his days with the Chiefs. What was Haley's formula? Thomas Jones (Banger), Jamaal Charles (Change of Pace), & Dexter McCluster (Gimmick). If Charles didn't go down in 2011 we could have really seen a 2 year of body of work. The Chiefs didn't have BB so one can only imagine what a running game of that caliber would do with a QB. It shouldn't be a surprise...They went after Rainey last year..Haley went for that type of player again.

Logan was a returner he wasn't a gimmick guy. I think he got 1 reception as a Steeler & didn't rush at all. Rainey barely saw the field? Do you watch the games? He was that "Gimmick" guy. A KR/PR/RB/WR...The definition. 26 carries, 14 receptions, 42 KR/PR....1,213 All purpose yards on 82 touches. Not bad for a rookie 5th round pick.

None would be a wasted roster spot. Just throwing in names...Bradshaw (Feature), Dwyer (Rotation), Spencer Ware-Rex Burkhead-Cameron Marshall-(Short yardage), Cierre Wood-Ray Graham (Change of Pace), & Onterio McCalleb (Gimmick KR/PR/RB/WR). That list last year was Mendy, Dwyer, Redman, Batch, & Rainey. That list was a disappointment. Mendy is gone. Rainey is gone. Redman will be 29...We have seen what Redman has to offer. Both he & Dwyer will make 1.3 mil...They can be replaced cheaper. Batch is a great person but below average RB. If Dwyer is in shape and shows dedication...I have absolutley no probelm with him being the only face left. He will be 24 in camp. Now you have a YOUNG stable featured by a productive vet. Future is bright.