Bradshaw has made his recovery status know. If the Steelers are not bringing him in, that tells me he may not be able to work out and won't be ready until at least camp or it has to do with $$$. So "Interest" could have been legit but the information they got from Bradshaw's camp related to health or $$$ would be the reason the Steelers wouldn't bring him in. If it is money, let him cook awhile in FA. His number will come down as the draft nears. If it is when he can participate, the Steelers will wait until after the draft if at all.

As far as Blount, The Steelers showed some interest pre draft in him if you remember. The Steelers would have to get permission to talk to Blount before they make a decision. I feel he is disgruntled and wants out because they have turned the reigns over to Martin. They would have to make sure the dedication is there. If they are sure about that, I would be willing to part with a 6th or 7th for him. I don't care to hear "Nothing different" than what we got here. He is different...He wasn't here last year and a 1,000 yard rusher! Dwyer & Redman had their chance to make the best of their opportunity. Maybe another year makes a difference for Dwyer. A bonus if it does. Blount may not be the example "professional" that Bradshaw could be...But he will be a body to push the rest. Still draft a RB and let the cards fall where they fall. Batch & Redman may be on the outside looking in when all said and done. It would not hurt my feelings one bit to have Dwyer & two new faces here come 53 time.