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We can also play "connect the dots" with Jack Bicknell being with Bradshaw on the Giants from '09-'11 as the Assistant OL coach. I'm sure he will have input. If healthy...Will come down to price and if he wants to continue to be part of a winning organization. Maybe Plax can help. He was Bradshaw's team mate for 2 years. Just watch some highlights of Badshaw from 2012. He was playing on that injured foot in some of these. Does this resemble anything we saw out of the Steelers running game last year? One of the reasons I stress "NFL resume" is this. Dwyer is very young and even with Bradshaw signing, there will be a draft choice here. The curent stable had Mendy as the example of being a Pro. That is all I need to say about how important it would be to have a presence of a RB with some type of resume.


Good points on the former teammate in Plax and former coach in Bicknell. Didn't think of that.....