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Thread: Pats release Lloyd....

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersteeler View Post
    The Pats are like a thief in the night, there's no telling what they are capable of, but I agree I hope Sanders stays and no your not in the minority.
    I vote he stays also...the draft is hit or miss--Probably about a 40% chance that 3rd rounder will net us any production at all. Sanders can be a solid #2 potentially and has a year under his belt.

    Our 3rd rounders over the years: C Brown, S Spence,Urbik, Wallace, E Sanders, Max Starks, K Lewis, Bruce Davis, Matt Spaeth--We actually have done pretty well in the 3rd--Still to risky though.

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    Chadman suspects that losing Sanders will be the bigger kick in the teeth loss than nearly every other FA loss the Steelers have had, simply because Chadman suspects the Steelers have been counting on Sanders being part of the 2013 team, unlike all the other guys they knew they couldn't re-sign.

    Half jokingly said it the other day, but if Sanders moves on, Steelers should maybe kick the tyres of Randy Moss, then draft a couple of athletic WR's to develop for a year.
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    If we would happen to lose Sanders anyone think the Steelers could get Victor Butler back in for a deal? We would have the tender money offered to Sanders plus what they were willing to sign Butler with in the first place in order to possibly get a deal done.
    I hope we keep Sanders as I stated, but the signing of Butler might be a decent trade-off especially when you consider the draft.
    Drafting an OLB who could start is almost out of the question because of the learning curve in the complicated LeBeau defense, but a receiver has a better shot of getting playing time and possibly bumping either Plax or Cotchery through the course of the season if he's good enough.

    Now you would have an OLB with some NFL experience already and no need to draft one early if at all giving more options in other positions.
    Butler could compete with Worlids and worse case senario be a legitiment backup in case of injury and more game ready than a draft pick and probably better than Carter.

    Just a thought.


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