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The only problem I see with Colbert, by the way isnt the last 5 years in the draft. If his drafting were so horrible other teams wouldn't be reloading with his draft picks. However, restructuring contracts and loading it to future years is what is killing us. This is a relatively new concept (mid 90's) that we've been doing heavily since the lockout. When you start out the new year 30 million owed before you even factor in existing contracts, you're in trouble in regards to re-signing your own. Khan is supposed to be a math wiz, so maybe we can get it together...........
Yes to this. Other teams seem to want our terrible draft picks which is surprising because they are all better than us according to some.

Our issue is purely related to the cap and it is because we kept too many players on defense for too long. I'll get criticized I'm sure for saying this but that is a direct result of players taking too long to develop in LeBeau's system. Once you get them there you almost have to keep them or start over again.