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Out of all our players on offense who found the end zone the most................
You think that is all there is to it? Let me ask you: On all of Terrell Owen's teams, who had the most TDs on those teams as well? Is that all there is to the story, or didn't he single-handily ruin almost every team he was on? So I guess he was an over all positive for every one of his teams, since scored the most TDs, right? Funny thing is, no one on any of those teams would agree with that. Was Wallace THAT bad, with his attitude? No, but the point remains: some production isn't worth the overall package if the player hurts team chemistry. I have never seen a team win a championship unless it had good team chemistry. MW did not help, but rather damaged, that end of things. I claimed this long before other players have come out and said the team was not together for the 2012 season. How did I know?