Despite what looks like an unbalance gains vs losses ledger, the Steelers will be ok.

Actually, they'll be better than ok.

They will, in fact, be better than 2012.

Forget that Harrison is gone.

Never mind that Sanders could be a Patriot.

It's not a problem that Willie Colon has left.

Or Keenan Lewis.

Or Ryan Mundy.

You see... the thing is, we'll be better because we'll have 'chemistry'.

Remember, people, that the big evil baddies, Mike Wallace & Rashad Mendenhall are GONE. It's happy days, rainbows & unicorns in the land of Pittsburgh.

the 'bad seeds' have been removed, and there are posters on here that guarenteed, GUARENTEED, that the Steelers will be better next season without them.

Personally, Chadman is looking forward to 2013 with unbridaled enthusiasm now that we 'got rid' of those heathens.

Wait... hang on... those same posters are now the ones complaining that the Steelers are not doing well in Free Agency... like the Steelers were expected to remove the evil doers & replace them with high priced FA's... maybe that guarentee isn't worth all that much after all.

In hindsight, it'd sure be nice knowing Wallace & Mendenhall were on the roster in 2013...