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Thread: Donks Screw Up, Lose Dumervil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggy00 View Post
    To land a pass rusher? Sure. Why re-work all these guys for clowns like DJ, Speath, Gradkowski, etc?

    If they are going to do it, make it worthwhile.
    I can't argue with that logic, that's for sure. At this point, I'd use draft picks as the backups and depth and hope they develop and just have these guys as camp bodies for a bit, including a backup quarterback.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
    The agent didn't send a fax on time. Fax??? Really??? What is this, 1996?? Who in modern business uses a fax anymore?
    My fax machine is in the closet. I fall out of my chair when someone wants me to fax something. If it needs a signature, I print it, sign it, scan it, email it. That is a pain too. Why can't an email be good enough of a confirmation? Some elements of the NFL are really behind the times. He didn't _fax_ it in time. <shaking head> Reminds me of Jerry McGuire.

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    Dumervil fired his agent. My money says he returns to the Broncos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBucks View Post
    Dumervil fired his agent. My money says he returns to the Broncos.
    Ravens having him in. Not sure where they stand against the cap with all the moves they made.

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    Hard to see how the Ravens could come up with more than the $8 million/year the Broncos already offered him. Add to that the fact that other teams are going after him doesn't seem likely. Maybe they are trying to sell him on the fact that they are the defending Super Bowl champions...or maybe they heard that purple is his favorite color...


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