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When healthy, Colon is obviously better than Foster (the coaches decided that last year by who started). Does Colon's injury history really make him HALF the price as Foster? Because we paid Foster twice as much for a longer time frame and some guaranteed money.

I've said this for five years. I am very worried with how this organization is self-evaluating their talent and deciding their worth with contracts. In almost every case where a player ends up on the open market after a huge deal with the Steelers, he gets practically nothing. Foote, Colon, Starks, Kemoeatu. Watch Hampton be valued at $1-2 million on the open market when we valued him at $4-5 million just a couple years ago. I know age and injury matter, but not as much as what is showing up in the free market.

We see occasionally what 31 other GM's think of our middle talent that gets really good money, long-term deals and are often renegotiated here in Pittsburgh. And it's often not flattering.

Take out the offers of some of our free agents to ex-Steeler coaches in Indianapolis and Arizona and you get even a worse view.
I really don't think what you are saying is true. Tell me how many players that have been released for salary cap reasons by any team get the same amount from another team. Almost nobody. Even back in the day Woodson took far less from San Fran than the steelers were offering. Colon was offered MORE money from Chicago but took a lesser amount to stay with the Steelers. What you are saying happens to all teams ... not just the Steelers.