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He wasn't one of the guys who went paper-towel dispenser punching with Skippy, was he?

The Steelers do everything as a team, including urination


The Pittsburgh Steelers' tradition of success is often credited to a family-style, all-for one, one-for-all type of attitude that runs from the top of the organization down to the bottom.

It appears that that attitude spreads off the field, too. Into bars, even. Into the parking lots of those bars. And to the vehicles next to which backup tight ends are urinating.

Steelers kicker Jeff Reed(notes), never noted for his shy behavior, was arrested last night and charged with simple assault and resisting arrest. According to Pittsburgh's TribLive, Reed was coming to the aid of teammate Matt Spaeth, who was urinating next to a white SUV.

Here's the report:

Police responded to an unrelated incident at McFadden's, a North Shore bar and restaurant across a parking lot from Heinz Field, around 9 p.m., [police Sargeant Tina] Davidson said. While there, officers spotted a man urinating outside a white sport utility vehicle and began to give the man identified as Steelers tight end Matt Spaeth(notes) a ticket when Reed exited the vehicle, Davidson said.

"The officers told him several times to get back in the vehicle, but he did not listen," Davidson said. "Mr. Reed then squared up with an officer by bringing his fists up."

Officers tackled Reed and cuffed him at the scene, Davidson said.

"He smelled of a strong odor of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated," Davidson said.

Ah, Jeff Reed. Leave it to him to get in trouble when he's not even the one doing the public urinating. Exactly how was he defending Spaeth? Police saw him peeing. What can he possibly say? Was it the old, "Come on, officer, this guy's got really clean pee" defense?

Kicker or not, no one can ever say that Jeff Reed isn't there for his teammates.