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I'll take from it that you are as Delusional and single-agenda driven as always !

There was an article just the other day on how DISRESPECTED Brady must & should feel with the Pats* getting rid of Welker despite Brady taking a hometown discount. And this is the SECOND time it's happend to Tom. Yet you use Sanders VISITING the Pats* as an example of Ben not being valued and Brady being valued. Right.

Receivers in the past have headed for the door before Haley showed up. And AB was thrilled with his long-term contract and Plax actually came back. So once again, your point - whatever it is - makes no sense.
And Scottie Montgomery leaving for Kentucky? Kuglar leaving for UTEP? Those aren't exactly plum jobs, and those coaches would rather work there, than work with Todd Haley on one of the NFL's premier teams.

The same "issues" that followed Haley when he arrived, are now invading this franchise: Once you work with him, you want to be away from him.