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So Steelers will be looking for Ike Taylor replacement in this draft?? They already had too many holes to fill now add CB.

Ike Taylor is 33. He was atrocious early on during last season. Ike Taylor is going to get worse..on top of that his 10 million salary is not going to look good.

Steelers FO philospphy is let young players go by...sign one of the worst player in NFL just because he knows the system....awesome way of rebuilding...
Im not saying I totally agree with what the Steelers are doing. Im just stating a fact. Keenan Lewis was done here the day Gay signed. End of story. Ive been following them enough to know how they do business. To be honest I would have been more shocked if they did sign Lewis.

All that being said, I really think everyone is over-valuing Lewis. This reminds me alot of when Gay went to Zona. He was coming of his only good season here, and people were pissed when the Steelers let him go. Bottom line is Gay is an average to below average player. And Lewis is an average to above average player. I wouldnt over pay for either one of those guys.