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Keenan Lewis tonight tweets that the Steelers never offered him a contract.

Just wow.
Unless there is some reason that has yet to be released, I find this completely unacceptable.

Ike has 1 year left.... maybe. You sacrifice the "future" and not offer Lewis what appears to be a reasonable deal.

Allen is insignificant to this conversation because Lewis should have been signed regardless. If Ike was cut this year, I think he'd be completely off the books next year. The Steelers could have easily signed Allen next year essentially locking up our #1 and #2 for years to come.

Now, they have old man Ike (making 9 million) for probably his last year and they'll have to eat a bunch of his salary likely next year.

Good thinking coaches, GM, FO and everyone in the Steelers organization that supported that idea. Like we don't have enough starting roster spots to fill in the future... now, let's add another one.