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on the plus side, maybe this frees up a little room for victor butler. Maybe the FO is more comfortable with the secondary depth than the LB depth. Just have to wait and see. I think ike is good for 2 more seasons and I think its clear now the FO favors cortez allen to lewis. I bet he gets an extension after this year. Now if he blows up and we can't afford/lose him then we have a real problem. I thjnk he is restricted next year, but it would be wise to lock him up sooner rather than later if he is the future #1 as we believe.

I don't like losing emerging players in their mid 20s either, but you have to hope that there is a plan in place.
Will be interesting to see the numbers that Lewis gets. I think that Allen could easily be an upgrade over Lewis (even though putting Gay on the field is a major step back), and it would make a lot of sense to lock Allen up now or perhaps after next year.