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    Crash now that their QB got "paid" should that impact how the Ravens who are balanced call plays?
    And what did that balance get the Ravens? The FIRED their OC DURING THE SEASON.

    Then they unleashed the deep ball in the playoffs when Caldwell took over. And Flacco had one of the best post seasons, EVER.


    Absolutely. If Flacco isn't the focal point of a 60-40 pass/run ratio? Then it made no sense to make him the HIGHEST PAID QB IN HISTORY. If you want Trent Dilfer football you pay someone comparable to what that role would pay.

    Dude you call plays to win games, it dont matter what someone makes.
    Tell that to teams with franchise QBs.

    Don't talk to me about winning games. All this team did from 2007-2011 was win games and the owner made a HOF QB look like a total chump.
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